Step-by-step video tutorials

Discover our step-by-step videos to learn basis techniques, to sew one of our patterns, to improve, or just to refresh your mind.

You will find here the tutorials you need !

To escort you while sewing, you will get help to sew a bias, print and compile your digital PDF patterns, cut properly your fabric, make gathers, ....

We often make new videos, to answer your demands. Meanwhile, we would be glad to get  your ideas. Contact us and send us your suggestions, we will answer with pleasure !

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Video tutorials : Level 1 patterns - BEGINNER

How to sew Matisse top (bias finishing)
How to sew Matisse top (lining finising)
How to sew Goya vest
How to sew Klimt top
How to sew Judd Top
How to sew Degas baby bloomer
How to sew tréboul baby Bloomer
How to sew Calder trousers
How to sew Cassatt skirt (free pattern)
How to sew porquerolles Children dress/ top

Video tutorials : Level 2 patterns - WITH A LITTLE EFFORT

How to sew Chagall dress/ top (all variations)
How to sew Monet jacket
How to sew Raphaël Baby trousers (with inner-boot or lapel)
How to sew Magritte dress/top (all variations)
How to sew Niki sweater
How to sew Valadon jacket

Video tutorials : Level 3 patterns -ADVANCED

How to sew Delaunay skirt
How to sew Morris dress/ top
How to sew Turner cape

Video tutorials : PREPARATION techniques

How to print a digital PDF pattern
How to make your own bias
How to cut properly your fabric
How to make your piping
How to overcast with a simple sewing machine

Video tutorials : SEWING techniques

How to sew an invisible zipper
How to sew a "pipe"
How to sew a piping
How to sew a zipper
How to sew elastic band
How to sew a fell seam
How to sew gathers
How to sew darts

Video tutorials : FINISHING techniques

how to sew a buttonhole
How to sew a bias astride, with invisible seam
How to sew a bias in an intern angle
How to sew a very thin hem
How to sew a bias astride
How to sew an invisible bias/h5>
How to sew a bias in an angle