Les Patronnes Community, it’s YOU !

Here your are ” Les Patronnes” and we post all your creations ! Do you know that in French « les Patronnes » means « a female boss ». Here, on this page, You are the boss, so “you are the Patronnes!”

Our network is growing for our greatest pleasure !

You will find on this page, a selection of your best sewings. and different versions of our models, or even talented hackings of them !

We are proud to discover your wonderful creations, and to see how much fun you have while sewing our pattern models. We love when you interpret them to your own way to create a large range of versions. Moreover, the wavering could get inspired by your sewing projects, fabric, colors, …

If you want to share your creations with Les Patronnes’ Communauty, send us some pictures of your sewn models :

  • by email at bonjour@lespatronnes.fr
  • or on social network (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, …) with the hashtag #lespatronnes.

We would be happy to share your picture with your alias, and a key on it.

Les Patronnes’ community is also sharing your experiences and creations !

Give us you opinion on the product card and the other sewers, with different levels, from beginner in sewing to experts, will thank you !

See you soon !