Who is behind the brand ?

My name is Fiona, a French woman, wife, and mum, passionate about sewing since I am a kid,, handywoman, and multi- do-it-yourselfer!

As a little girl, I used to dress my dolls, with meticulous care, and often, with my grandma’s help !

I spent a lot of hours sewing, painting, and creating for personal projects. That makes me want to go further.

I realized that making clothes was easier that it seams to be. Often, people are afraid of begining a garment, even if they are able to sew accessories, because patterns are frightening!!

So I wanted to share with many, that sewing clothes is accessible to any level of sewing! Really any! Even the “big beginner”! Then I created easy-to-use sewing patterns :

  • the forms are designed to be easy to assemble
  • the pattern elements are easy to read on the board, and can be directly cut, because they are not superimposed
  • the seam allowance are already included to be ready to use
  • Tutorial videos guide each pattern making
  • Explanations booklet are illustrated with many diagrams, and no specific vocabulary

Now, if I am working alone on board, some little hands are helping : Fleur to design patterns, Gael to handle the movie Camera, …

The concept :

We help you to go for sewing clothes with a pattern and to achieve easily your wardrobe !

Thus, we offer you easy-to-sew patterns. Some patterns  are even free. We design trendy and simple models, for women and children.

We also offer you a real “toolbox” to find all sewing tips you need !

  • Precise and simple explanations, with an accessible vocabulary
  • Advices to choose your fabrics, according to our patterns
  • technical advices, in pictures or videos, as complete as a lesson , to learn new tips or just to refresh memories 😉

Les Patronnes’ + :

Video tutorials are leading you step by step to sew along, for any sewing levels.

In this way we promote sewing accessible for all !

Les patronnes is also a community, who contribute to make the project evolve !

Your feedback are priceless for us. They help us to improve continuously our patterns, our explanations, our vdeos, our tips…

Tell us about your customer experience and suggest us improvement or new models you want to sew.. Thus, we will offer you easier patterns that suit you the best !