vignette patron couture top klimt

patron de couture pdf du top klimt débardeur delicat et facile a coudre, That famous little vest top that works all year round: in summer with a pair of
shorts, in winter under a jacket for more dressy occasions…
We wanted to play with the lining to create a double length which amplifies its
fluidity. Countless variations can be added to this very simple base: a lace yoke
around the neckline; a decorative button placket; with or without buttons; shirred
ribbon on the front or sides…Mix it up however you like, there are more than a
dozen different models you can create!
The finesse of the Austrian painter Klimt, and his art of exalting women – hinting
at the delight of a woman’s shoulder, for example, inspired us greatly when
naming this piece.
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